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Ask Amit | Quick Tips: Winter Weather Home Maintenance

Amit Sela, co-owner of a preeminent Minnesota roofing and reconstruction company, offers some strategies to help homeowners avoid severe damage from cold, snowy winters.

“Your No. 1 priority after a heavy snowfall is to clear snow, sleet and ice buildup from your roof,” says Amit Sela. “Besides causing water leaks and serious water damage, if you don’t remove accumulating snow and ice on your roof, it can actually cause the entire roof to collapse,” he warns. “It may be best to hire professional roofing experts, who know how to safely clear heavy snow and ice from rooftops without damaging the roof and other areas of the house.”

Make sure there’s proper air ventilation in the attic, or the warm air inside can melt the snow on the roof and cause ice dams, which block water from draining, resulting in leaks, water damage and even mold. To remove an ice dam, Sela recommends hiring a roofing pro to avoid damaging vents, chimney, skylights and other protrusions on the roof.

Remove snow and ice from in front of doors and in window wells. If water and moisture seep into the house, reapply sealants immediately.

Clear snow from areas around exhaust pipes and air vents on your heaters and furnaces. If they’re blocked, it can be a serious safety hazard.

Keep water moving through pipes to prevent freezing. Let a tiny trickle of water drip from hot and cold faucets overnight.