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Ask Amit | Quick Tips: Beware of Water Damage in Your Home

The co-owner of a leading Minnesota roofing and reconstruction company, Amit Sela has worked with numerous homeowners for 30 years helping them solve problems with water leaks and water intrusion. Below, he cites some common signs and locations of water leaks and offers some simple tips to minimize the risks.

Sela advises, “Some of the first signs of a leak are often not obvious to a homeowner. For example, condensation and/or rusting around a pipe, discolored or damaged walls, musty odors originating from walls and floors, condensation on windows and mildew and excess moisture under carpets are warning signs.”

Insulating all accessible pipes prevents condensation and rusting. Tightly calking and insulating all cracks, holes and other openings in exterior walls with waterproofing sealant prevents moisture from penetrating the wall cavity.

Some primary causes of roof leaks are loose or faulty flashing, a cracked or damaged chimney, broken roof tiles and clogged gutters. Look for water stains on the inside ceilings and walls and on attic beams. Leaks on exposed beams can make the roof sag. Sela also suggests closely inspecting skylights and roof vents for damage.

“If it’s not repaired and corrected right away, water intrusion into the framing system and living spaces can lead to irreparable damage and a loss in home value,” warns Sela. ”Hire an experienced contractor who can diagnose and repair these problems and offer problem-prevention advice.”