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Ask Amit | Quick Tips: How to Select and Retain a Reliable Tenant

An entrepreneur and business owner, Amit Sela operates multiple enterprises in the Minnesota Twin Cities’ area. Among his holdings is a real estate and property investment firm that maintains and manages upscale multifamily housing in desirable locations throughout the metropolitan area.

“Throughout the years, I’ve dealt with numerous tenants,” shares Amit Sela. “Choosing reliable tenants who not only pay on time but take pride in their home can make the critical difference between profit and loss, joy and frustration.”

“Although it’s time-consuming and tedious,” Sela maintains, “in the end, it’s worth it to invest the extra time and effort needed to properly screen your tenants because, in the end, it will help you avoid the frustration, pitfalls and expenses of having the wrong tenant.”

That includes verifying driver’s licenses to confirm identity, pulling credit reports, checking rental references, verifying employment and performing face-to-face interviews with each prospect.

Additionally, he says that a good landlord attracts and retains good renters by properly maintaining rental property and promptly attending to renters’ needs and concerns. “Mutual respect, courtesy and communication also help build a long, trusting relationship between a responsible landlord and a reliable tenant,” Sela says.