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Ask Amit | Quick Tips: Dealing with Storm Damage

As the co-owner of Minnesota’s premier roofing and reconstruction company, Amit Sela has significant experience with storm damage. “Lightning, hail, falling trees, high winds – nothing’s harder on a home than a nasty storm,” says Sela. Here, he offers a few tips on what you can do when your home has been damaged by bad weather.

1. Contact your insurance agent right away and make sure the damage is covered in your policy. You may qualify for temporary housing if the storm has caused significant damage, in addition to coverage for other related expenses.

2. Gather plenty of photographic and video evidence to document the damage. “Insurance companies will do an assessment of the damage,” notes Amit Sela, “but you’re better protected if you document all the damage for yourself to make sure you receive adequate compensation to cover all the damage.”

3. Be sure to minimize the damage to your property if at all possible. “A tarp over damaged roofs and boards over broken windows will help save the interior of your house,” says Amit Sela.

4. Finally, take the time to choose a reliable contractor. Repairs should be undertaken by qualified and experienced reconstruction experts, so do the research and find a reputable contractor, who is knowledgeable about working directly with insurance companies and experienced in performing a host of home repair and improvement projects.