Ask Amit Quick Tips: How to Combat Mold at Home

As the co-owner of Minnesota’s foremost reconstruction firm for 30 years, Amit Sela has repaired a lot of homes with mold damage. “Mold is unsightly and unhealthy,” Sela says, “and it’s usually a sign of water problems in your house. You need to detect and fix these problems and remove the mold, or you’ll suffer damage to your house and your health.”

Mold is usually caused by poor ventilation and a buildup of excessive moisture and humidity inside the house. Mold can grow anywhere, wherever excess moisture collects — on/behind walls, on/under carpet and floors, and on windows and countertops. Mold can cause headaches, cold or flu-like symptoms, and even poisoning.

To remove excess moisture and humidity and prevent mold, Sela suggests the following:

1. Use fans in your attic, bathrooms, kitchen and basement to increase airflow and remove moisture.
2. Fix leaky pipes, a leaky roof and faulty flashing.
3. Clean out gutters and clear heavy snow from roofs.
4. Deflect rainwater and snow away from the exterior walls and foundation with the proper insulation of pipes and the proper landscaping around the exterior walls and foundation.
5. Use dehumidifiers and install sump pumps in the basement to remove moisture.

Once mold appears, homeowners should remove it immediately using a homemade solution of bleach and water to wash and scrub the affected areas repeatedly till all mold disappears.


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